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I'm resurrecting my Arashi interest. Apparently all the peeps have moved to DreamWidth while I was gone. This is distressing, as now I have to actually used the DW journal to prove I'm a person. In order to have access to subbed things.

Sad day.

Must watch Arashi happies.
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Okay, so I'm lame and refuse to watch Kagi until it's subbed by Stormy. Because they're awesome and I hate only half understanding what's happening.

That said.

I just finished Episode 7. And I have to say that the father's breakdown at the end may be the most moving display of Japanese acting that I've ever seen. I typically find that most J actors sort of overdo it and there's a sense of force behind such scenes because, culturally, displays of intense emotion don't come naturally (correct me if I'm wrong here).

But this guy? I don't even know who he is, but that scene... it really just blew me away.
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Ohno was born into the world knowing this day would come. There was no fear, not like what his parents had known, when the announcement had been made. The knowledge was a constant, even as a child. Every grade of his schooling, he'd had a project of one kind or another where he had to explore the idea of his own death. The death of his friends and his family. The sudden cease of all life on earth.

He'd imagined flying up into space, watching it all happen from afar. Outliving them all--for as long as the oxygen would hold out. He'd made a collage of all the places in the world he wanted to see before It came. He'd written an essay about the meaning of life (as told by his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles). He'd volunteered for the Services Bureau, putting in the time so that others might live out their dreams before It came.

All of it had been in preparation for this day.

He hadn't planned to spend it tangled in sheets, his body sated and spent and his heart aching for everything that was never to be.

"Will you miss me?"

Ohno didn't know what would be left of himself after. If there would be anything that would still feel when he was gone. He'd never bothered to wonder before this.

"Yes," he answered. It was impossible for him to feel this much, to love this strongly for it to just be gone in a flash. Impossible.

Small, stubby hands found Ohno's own and squeezed. Ohno laced them in both of his own hands, huddling close as the time wound down to a close.

"Are you scared?"

"No," he answered, feeling the seconds thrum in each breath they took. Music played somewhere nearby, rising and rising into a cacophonous beat.

"Why not?" His voice wavered. "It's any second. It's coming and--"

"I'm ready," Ohno replied, squeezing his hands and staring into damp, luminous eyes. "I wasn't before, but I am now."

"It's not fair, we just found each other. Some people have had a lifetime. We only just--"

Ohno kissed him, slow and deep, silencing his fears and their regrets. The booming music shook the walls of the tiny one room apartment. Outside, dogs barked uproariously and people sang hymns in the street. And Ohno kissed Nino until it consumed them both.

They never even noticed the end of the world.
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If I have learned nothing else about myself in my 11 years in one fandom or another, it's that I need constant validation for my writing.

Constant. As in every 10 minutes.


Of a side note, I have a brilliant, brilliant idea for a novel. How does one write one of those things and then get it published and then made into an awesome movie starring Summer Glau that makes millions?


Mar. 31st, 2012 05:18 pm
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I am so, so terrible about posting. TERRIBLE.


...that is all.
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Perfect Answer my sweet ass!

How on earth did I get to January 2012 completely BLINDSIDED by the ending of Gantz? Huh?

This seems an impossibility given how much I scrutinize everything Nino related.

Maybe I should congratulate fandom as a whole for being careful about spoilers.

...yeah, no. I think I'd be happier if I'd been prepared.



Jan. 17th, 2012 05:09 pm
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New weight loss regimen: Exercise. What a novel idea.

What might actually motivate me to exercise? Why it took me four years of fangirling Arashi to figure this out, I don't know...but I just spent the last 20 minutes attempting to dance along with AAA2008 (plus warm up and cool down) and what have I discovered?

1. Arashi makes exercise fun.
2. Holy crap no wonder Aiba is drenched in sweaty goodness after five minutes.
3. I am sooooo out of shape.
4. I can't dance.

...that was Day One. Let's see how well this pans out.

New Layout!

Jan. 6th, 2012 10:20 pm
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Get a new journal, gotta have a new layout!

This, courtesy of [personal profile] nicefinalbeam!!

Isn't it gorgeous?!!!
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So everyone who matters on LJ seems to have made the move over to DW. I guess it was time.

And apparently I have nothing better to do on a Friday night that bury myself in making a new DW account. I'm rinalin here as well, for those who want to add me.

I'm a little overwhelmed by like... everything. So please add me.


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